Barry's Articles:

The Sure Prevention of Carburettor Icing (updated January 2011)

"In just about every issue of any of the various flight safety publications there will be accidents reported where carburettor icing was suspected of having been the primary cause of the subsequent accident . . . ."

The Oldest Accident
"In the pioneering days they used to call it a Chute Mortelle – then it was little understood. Commonly known today as a stall/spin accident . . ."

Evaluating Risk for the Display Pilot

"The perception of the majority of the general public, and many enthusiastic pilots too for that matter, is that air display flying is about ‘thrills and spills’ with acts of ‘daring do’ and for the most part ‘getting away with it’.’ . . . "

*NEW* - Hidden Human Factors for Air Display Pilots

"Over the years there have been a number of fatal accidents involving some very experienced air display pilots, without any satisfactory answer as to the root cause. Usually it’s just eventually put down to another case of pilot error – but the big “WHY” – the common factor at the root never seems to be answered. Just what motivated these pilots to cut the safety margins never seems to be adequately explained. . . . . "