Westach Warning!


It has come to Westach's attention that some of their 2-1/4 inch square style / aircraft instruments are being copied in RED CHINA. These counterfeits look very much like Westach instruments. They have encountered fakes in SINGLE CHT, EGT and DUAL CHT/EGT, CHT/CHT and EGT/EGT configurations like Westach Instruments. The copies even have the Classic Westach pin type connections! They DO NOT Duplicate Westach Quality!

The fakes are being sold as TSO'd and as NON-TSO'd instruments.

Westach have received some of these counterfeits, from customers who mistakenly thought that they made them, with complaints that they do not read accurately. Westach have actually received a few of these repair 'returns' packed in Westach red, white and blue boxes! Please note: Westach does not make instruments in China.

How to identify genuine Westach instruments:
Look at the back of the instrument. Genuine Westach instruments have the WESTACH logo molded right into the case.

Please ask for genuine American made Westach instruments.

Don't accept counterfeits made in CHINA!